About us

Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Cabin Crew

Esarc-Studair is a private school, licensed by the Ministry of Professional Training and Employment under the number 4/07/9/98.

Since its foundation in 1998, it has been renewing its modern and global ways of teaching in order to provide its laureates with a solid training that will assure them a successful career.

This school of vocational training has acquired a good reputation for the seriousness and professionalism that characterise the training it provides for students seeking to become Flight Attendants, or to work in the sector of Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Hence a lot of its laureates have been recruited, from its early years up to now, by prestigious Airline Companies, Maritime Companies, Travel Agencies, and in Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Our innovative and active pedagogy, implemented by well qualified and professional teachers, enables you to integrate effectively a continuously changing domain.

Esarc Studair is authorized to provide the theoretical and practical instruction required for the Certificate of Safety and Rescue .
Esarc-Studair approved and recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation under the number CN-F08/08.

Our teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced. Most of them are issued from the domain of civil aviation and air travel.


Since 2011 ESARC, has won accreditation by the Ministry of vocational training and employment and since 2012 it became one of the three training centers recognized by Royal Air Maroc for the selection and recruitment of flight-attendants.

Esarc Studair Expertise