Flight Attendant

The Flight attendant techniques program
is designed for students gifted in human interaction and keen on professional mobility, training graduates to work as cabin attendants anywhere in the world.
This program offers students the opportunity to learn concepts in a dynamic way. They will acquire the knowledge and skills relating to the profession, such as safety, first aid, on board food and beverage services, duty free and sales techniques. In addition students will have pedagogical equipment at their disposal to simulate all actions needed on board.
The work of a flight attendant is very exciting and offers the opportunity to meet different people.
The number of cabin attendant positions is available in the airways companies is continually increasing. This training will allow you to work as a cabin attendant anywhere in the world.


Admission Criteria

Baccalaureate level (all sections) or more.


Diploma of Technician in the domains of aviation and maritime transport. ( Safety and Rescue Certificate )

Training Programme

Preparation of the Safety and Rescue Certificate

The Safety and Rescue certificate(CSS) is an official certificate issued by the Department of Civil Aviation. It is required to practice as flight attendant in Moroccan and most of the european airlines. It is obtained in two steps :
First aid
Theoretical exam

Human Body Structure and Function
Assessment Skills
A, B, C (airways breathing circulation)
Vital Signs
Accidental InjuriesA
viation Medicine
Child Birth on Board
Practical exam
Unconsciousness (Recovery position)
Cardiac Arrest (C.P.R. and Basic Life Support)
Airway Obstruction (Heimlich manover) (syliverter manover)
Bleeding (pressure points)
Fractures, bandages
Burns procedures
Theoretical exam
Theory of Flight and Flight Operations
Rules and Regulations
Normal Procedures
Aircraft Emergency Equipment
Abnormal and Emergency Procedures, survival
Practical exam
Fire fighting, smoke procedures
Wet drill
Evacuation drills

Career Prospects

Flight Attendant
Steward / stewardess in maritime companies
Ground staff