Hotel Assistant Manager

The Hotel assistant manager
program is designed for students gifted in human interaction and keen on professional mobility, training graduates to work as hotel employees anywhere in the world.
The rich course content teaches students room division management, conference organization, cost control, and food service management. In addition, students will have an internship in a hotel or restaurant, providing them with the practical experience required for optimal performance in their field.
Careers in the domain are ideal for people with a flair for human interaction who enjoy contact with other and would like to work in an international milieu in any country. Training consists of developing various hotel management skills. The number of management positions available in the hotel and restaurant industries is continually increasing. This training will allow you to work as a hotel employee or entrepreneur anywhere in the world.


Admission Criteria

Baccalaureate holders (all sections), or an equivalent diploma.


Diploma of Specialised Technician in Hotel Management

Program Content

Career Prospects

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to make the most of their skills and work in a number of possible positions : Hotel Assistant Manager, Marketing and sales, Catering services, Restaurants and restaurant chains, Front desk management, Night auditor, Sales point manager, Food and beverage controller